About EMS

About EMS

Empowered Management Solutions, LLC was founded by a team of experienced staffing solution providers joining together to create the most effective and efficient staffing service around.

At EMS we provide sound and creative solutions to our customers, ensuring quality service and the most comprehensive strategies to accomplish the task at hand. Our sense of urgency, RIGHT-FIT mentality, and RAPID RESONSE team provides us with the capabilities to help our customers staff for success. EMS is SBA certified as an 8(m) Woman-Owned Small Business, and qualifies as an EDWOSB that serves all private, state, and federal facilities. We specialize in recruiting the top candidates around the nation as to provide our customers with the most qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced staff. At EMS, we have the capability to meet all staffing needs regardless of the size. Our corporate structuring and flexibility allows us the ability to change as the environment changes, and our expertise in allocating resources has enabled our team to be a complete staffing solutions provider.

Our Values and Vision

To provide outstanding staffing services to our customers, making a difference in a life: one employee, one system, one patient at a time.
We stand on our commitment to business integrity and ensuring that all activities reflect our ethical values of honesty, fairness, and transparency. We seek to only work with those who share in our same values and uphold the right to not partake in business activities with any company who does not operate under the same culture of integrity.
Our commitment to excellence places our customers' needs first as we are committed to our mission. Our reputation is very important as we are dedicated to our service and job completion. We believe that if we can identify our customer's needs, find soluble solutions, and exceed their expectations, we will earn their business. We believe in face-to-face contact and we put importance on building strong relationships with our customers. We believe business is earned, not given; therefore we will stop at nothing to exceed your expectations, as to earn your respect, loyalty, and repeat business.
We value and appreciate each of our employees as we know they are at the heart of our success and the key to accomplishing our mission. We stand fully committed to each of our employees and empower them to make a difference in everything they do. We recognize our employees and thank them for giving a hundred and ten percent as to remind them that it's not about what we do, but how we do it that makes the difference.
We strive for excellence in all we do, we empower our employees to make a difference and we help our customers staff for a lifetime of SUCCESS.

Why EMS?